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Your Introduction to 3D Printing Are you one of those who have heard about 3D printing but has no idea what the hype is all about? Believe the hype though there is more to it and you might want to continue reading to have a better understanding of it. From the term itself, 3D printing is the process of fashioning a solid physical object based on a digital 3D model. The reason “printing” is in the term can be attributed to the assembly process which is similar to printing ink on paper. A lot of well-known 3D printers make use of a base material that are put together in layers to eventually come up with a finished product. It is described as an additive process because the bottom layer is printed first before adding the supplementary layers on top of it until is object is finished. You may not believe it but 3D printing has been used in industrial application for quite some time now. It has become more mainstreamed as the hardware got smaller and less expensive, and the software became more user-friendly over time. 3D printers have never been easier on the pocket than they are now and are compatible with a wide range of 3D modeling programs. The printer is fashionable in the DIY community where people like making customized products and parts.
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Ordinary people may view 3D printers now as something out of a Star Trek movie but that is about to change. A 3D printer and copier is in the works that can duplicate physical objects and print them without difficulty that anyone can do it. Before long, 3D printing technology will be accessible to anyone everywhere just like computers now.
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You can buy your own chocolate printer that can 3D print anything you want in chocolate. Another printer can help you 3D print an action figure of yourself. Research and development in the medical field is tinkering with 3D printed prosthetics. DIYers have tried printing their own smartphone case, broken appliance parts, or even mounts for their webcams fashioned from their own specifications. With the use of 3D printing, the average Joe can print his own items, parts of a bigger thing, or even intricate and moving objects. In case you are really earnest about 3D printing, then getting your own printer is your best bet. It is still pricey but not as much as in previous years. But if the price of ownership is too steep for you, you can search for a local hackerspace that has a 3D printer for use by paying members. You can also look at your local library, at a community college or in a vocational school if they have a 3D printer you can use.