Technology and the Future of Online Learning

Technology plays an important role in the life of everyone, so does it plays in the education sector. Two decades back, the learning was mostly done through the traditional methods like textbooks, but since the beginning of the 21st century, the substantial growth of technology has brought in the online mode of learning. Various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. are used for learning. Most of these devices use the internet as the main tool for learning.

Slowly, the world is shifting to the online learning, which provides various benefits to the users. Let us have a glimpse of some of them-

➢ Learning through video techniques- The Future technology focuses more on to the online mood of learning through videos. One can understand the concepts in a far better way through the visual learning. Also, it helps to grasp the concepts for a longer duration. Various concepts such as Histogram, 3D Geometry, Magnetism etc. can be easily understood through the visual means rather than learning through textbooks. It also helps to boost knowledge and gives an in-depth understanding.

➢ Personalized learning- A personalized tool is the one that belongs to an individual. All these digital devices allow users to study at their own pace, providing one to one learning, rather than studying with multiple students just like in a classroom. This helps to understand the in-depth concepts in a proper manner.

➢ Accessibility- Digital devices can be accessed from anyplace at anytime. It just requires the connectivity to the internet. Users spend most of their time using the digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets. All these devices are in possession with the users almost all the time, thus they have access to them 24*7. If used in an efficient way, it can help them in learning in a far better way.

➢ Convenience- Due to the compact size of mobile devices and tablets, it can be carried by the users. This helps them to study even during the time of travel. Studies are now possible whenever and wherever the user finds free time.

➢ Time Management- Online based learning provides users to learn in an efficient way. One can learn the concepts at a faster rate rather than learning through the textbooks. This gives us sufficient time for studies as well as other activities. One can enjoy life to the fullest, which would help in the overall development of oneself.

Thus we see that online learning helps us by providing the in-depth knowledge and is the future of learning. Development is in progress that would help one in their studies in an unimaginable way.

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