Spotify More Fun than Other Apps?

Enjoy music is more fun through streaming service. In addition to legal, listening to music via a streaming service also saves the storage capacity of the smartphone. Among some music streaming services in everywhere, arguably Spotify and Joox are the most popular and widely used. Approximately, which one is more fun?

Briefly, here is the reviews.


  • Free access: exists, with advertising
  • Free trial: 30 days
  • Benefits of subscribing: Unlimited access, can be played offline
  • Payment method: credit card, bank transfer
  • Collection: 30 million songs
  • Audio quality: Up to 320 kbps
  • Apps: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, PlayStation, Chromecast


Viewed from the interface view, Spotify looks simple because it prioritizes ease and simplicity. The advantages of simple display make the performance Spotify feels light and fast. The registration process is quite easy, does not require a credit card. Users can also register with a Facebook account and email. And you can interactive with other person, plus from now on, you can buy spotify followers for your account, isn’t it cool?

Music catalog

Spotify music catalog is divided into several categories. But the most interesting is the category of Genre and Mood in which will be divided again into several sub categories.

Playlist mood based business, Spotify seems superior because of the many options. For example, when you’re stuck in traffic. Various moods also try to accommodate Spotify with a number of playlists with names like Mood Booster, Morning Spirit, even playlists to accompany when jogging and playing games.

As the number one player in the music streaming service, Spotify’s catalog is richer with over 30 million songs. Update song is fairly fast compared to other music streaming service, because it is updated every week.

There are many third parties who upload their playlists for public enjoyment, from record labels, media, musicians, to regular users. Just follow some playlist makers, the songs we listen to will vary.

If lazy to follow other people’s account too, we can use playlist Discover Weekly. The playlist is updated every Monday with 30 new songs. Here, the added songs are chosen by algorithms that predict the songs according to the taste of the user. There is some music application beside Spotify, some of them named Joox, Soundcloud, and other. If you have an account in soundcloud, maybe you need to buy soundcloud favorites.

Sound quality

Spotify sound quality is fairly good, even when we set it in low (low) mode. We can set the sound quality in accordance with the internet connection device speed, which is low, medium or high. Keep in mind, setting low will save more data. Instead, the highest quality settings consume more data.


Ease of synchronization between devices is an important consideration. The reason, users will use more than one device to enjoy streaming music, not only on mobile phones but also tablets, and laptops.

Spotify offers ease in sync affairs. The settings on one of the devices are automatically saved and apply on the other device. Likewise with the songs downloaded.

All songs in one of the devices will automatically be stored on all devices automatically. So while switching devices, users will not lose their favorite playlists as long as they use the same account.


Spotify offers users a free trial of premium services for 1 week for newly joined. If the free trial period runs out, we can still listen to the song, but with the ‘interference’ audio ads.