Safe and Comfortable Motorcycle Riding Safety

Well, in order to have knowledge about the safety of motorcycle riding a safe and comfortable, it is better if you listen to the information below.

Maintaining balance while riding a motorcycle is very important. Therefore, make sure the body and mental in a healthy condition and ready to drive.


Adjust the position of the rearview mirror properly to get a wider view, It is important to see the rearview mirror and check the conditions directly around the rider.

Check the wind pressure according to standard and wear tire, appropriate wind pressure generates economical fuel consumption, worn tires and unsuitable wind pressure will cause longer braking distances and controls become unstable when cornering.

Check the front and rear brakes, does it work normally, especially the front brake as it is more effective in braking, remember! The equipment used to control the speed and stop the motorcycle is just a brake.


The head is the most important part of the human body, so make it a habit to always use a protective helmet when riding a motorcycle, the helmet strap should be secured and secured properly to prevent the helmet from falling off.


Use shoes. Not recommended to use sandals or barefoot when riding a motorcycle because when stopped, the rider should rest on their feet to maintain balance so tend to lose the stability that allows injury.


Use a long-sleeved jacket and trousers that fit and comfort in the rider’s body while riding a motorcycle. Use clothes that are designed for the safety and comfort of driving.