Opportunities for Local Developers in the Mobile Application era

The use of mobile phones is getting more and more popular. Many people are now beginning to move from mobile to smartphone where the smartphone is increasingly equipped with sophisticated hardware and software technology. Any work can now be done using a smartphone device only.

Sophisticated software became one of the success units of the popularity of smartphones. The creation of smartphone application programs proved to provide tremendous benefits for its users. The use of web browsing is now beginning to be replaced with mobile app development company made in smartphones. By using the smartphone application, everyone can perform various activities ranging from selling, entertainment, looking for information, see market development and so forth. Utilization of mobile applications were widely used from various groups such as workers, students, parents, teenagers and children.

In today’s society and mobile devices (smartphones) are two things that can’t be separated because almost everyone now has a cell phone. In Indonesia alone, smartphone application users accounted for 59% (International Telecommunication Union, November 2012) with a very significant internet penetration rate.

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Application program has now become a trend that in Indonesia and some still not explorers it all. Apps with local content that support culture and tourism especially in Indonesia are still not explored maximally. This is a challenge and an opportunity for application developers. The application developer industry will be a pillar supporting the discourse of creative economy in the World. The real challenge faced by local app developers is whether they are ready or not to deal with outside developers whose applications are superior and free.

Opportunities for local application developers are still wide open, both in local and international markets, but not apart from the challenges and difficulties that usually appear for local developers, some of which is no payment gateway in the World for applications placed in the application market so that when this can still be downloaded for free.