Make Sure You Understand How to Protect Your Child Online

While there is a lot that can be learned online, there is also a lot of danger for children. Whether they’re younger or teens, they need to watch out for a variety of threats. With children learning to use smartphones and tablets before they even start school, this is becoming even more important. Thankfully, there are ways a parent can help protect their child online, even when the parent isn’t watching over their shoulder the entire time they’re on the computer.

Monitor Their Activities

Although most kids have at least one social media account, it’s no surprise they have accounts their parents don’t know about. It’s important to ensure the parent knows about all of the social media accounts, accounts for other websites, and anything else the child normally does online so they can monitor what’s happening. This gives them a chance to talk to their child if they notice any issues starting and to help their child learn what to look out for.

Talk to Them About What to Look Out For

It’s important for the parent to talk to their child, and talk often, about the dangers online. They should work to create an atmosphere that encourages their child to talk to them as well if the child has any issues online. Talking and communicating about the dangers can also help the child recognize them earlier so they can put a stop to any issues on their own or get help from their parents.

Create and Make Sure They Follow Rules

Along with monitoring their accounts, it’s important for the parent to set rules and make sure the child follows all of them. This could be more basic when the child’s younger, like restricting them to certain websites, but as they get older can include time limits for the internet and more.

These are just a few of the ways you can protect your child online. It’s important to start teaching them the rules and talking to them about what’s appropriate when they’re still young so they’ll be able to monitor their own time online as they grow and so you can ensure they’re protected from the start. Get started talking to your children about online safety today.